Access the Hedera network with .NET

Supporting All Public Hedera Network Services

Native Tokens

Create Fungible Tokens and distribute to any hedera account. Administer the treasury, mint and burn coins, with optional KYC support.

Consensus Service

Submit Hedera Consensus Services directly to the network including segmented messaging scenarios. Create and Administer new Consensus Topics.


Transfer Cryptocurrency between two or more parties supporting in a single transaction, including complex multi-signature scenarios. Create and Administer Hedera Cryptocurrency Accounts.

File Service

Create Files and Append additional Content. Manage file properties, overwrite and remove files from the network.

Smart Contract

Invoke methods on Smart Contracts, including payable scenarios. Create and Administer new Contracts.

Open Source

Hashgraph is released under the Apache 2.0 License, the source code is available on GitHub.